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Episode 43 - Lacey Fletcher

Sunday Mar 10, 2024

Sunday Mar 10, 2024

Lacey Fletcher was a 36 year old woman who had been living with her parents when a horrific 911 call was made. Police arrived to find a scene unlike any other. Lacey had been fused to her couch in her own urine and feces while her parents claimed to have "loved her to a fault".
We're discussing what we know so far about her case. Currently, her parents' trial is set for March 20, 2024 where they can face up to 40 years in prison for her death. 

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Horror beyond your biggest nightmares. In 2014, the Biological Resource Center in Phoenix, Arizona was raided by the FBI after allegations that its owner, Stephen Gore, was selling bodies for profit and defrauding the next of kin of the victims. 
Sources -,it%20helped%20advance%20medical%20science.

Sunday Jan 07, 2024

A case that rocked Itaewon, giving in further to negative stereotypes of foreigners. We witnessed first hand the public demand for justice help put a runaway suspect behind bars...but was it truly justice? Was it police incompetence or their pride? 
sources -

Episode 40 - Korean Legends

Sunday Dec 17, 2023

Sunday Dec 17, 2023

Everyone loves a good legend, especially if it includes ghosts and things that go bump in the night! Here are some spooky legends from South Korea to keep you warm during this winter season~
Sources -

Monday Nov 20, 2023

A brief breakdown of how North Korea began as a country. The topic of North Korea as a nation is so immense, so a good start is to get a breakdown on the founding. 
Sources -

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

We're going to dive into the history of Princess Deokhye, the last princess of Korea. A beautiful young woman who was dealt some rather unfair cards, we're going to summarize her history, and how she ended up being sent to Japan only to be forgotten before finally returning years later.
Sources -

Saturday Sep 09, 2023

We're back at it with some more tales and legends from the Appalachia Region! We have some mysterious lights, some lunar influenced individuals, and a spooky kitty!
Sources -

Saturday Aug 19, 2023

Number for Seoul's Yangcheon Police Station - +82 2-2093-8324)
In the early 2000s, South Korea had a strain of murders and crime. One of these is an unsolved murder case where the key evidence happens to be a Mashimaro Rabbit sticker. To this day, the case, as of now, remains unsolved.
Sources -

Sunday Aug 13, 2023

It isn't a surprise that with any disaster, haunting memories will follow as well as ghost stories. However, despite the ghost stories we hear, what happened at Okawa elementary school on the day of March 11, 2011 was extremely real and very heart-breaking as well as horrifying. 
While we do discuss some of the ghost stories today, the real topic of today is Okawa Elementary School, and keeping the memory alive for the sake of those lost as well as their families. 
Sources -
Ghosts of the Tsunami Death and Life in Japan’s Disaster Zone – Richard Lloyd Parry
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Tsunami's Ghosts Haunt Japanese Earthquake Survivors : NPR
(9) The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - Epidemic of Ghosts - YouTube
Okawa parents seethe at tsunami 'murders' - YouTube
#japan #disaster #Okawa #OkawaElementary #fukushima #ghost #ghostsofthetsunami 

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

While Fukushima Daiichi is the plant that comes to mind when people think of the Nuclear Disaster that occurred in Japan in 2011, not much is said about the sister plant that managed to survive the nuclear catastrophe that could have been.  
Subtle differences in leadership played a key factor for motivation and overall how the plant outcomes turned out. We'll discuss today how Fukushima Daini was left mostly unharmed. 
#fukushima #disaster 


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